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This memorial site was created in memory of Hywel Mark Williams, our precious angel born sleeping Sunday May 29th 2005.


Hywel is very much loved and thought of everyday. He is deeply missed by all of his family here . Hywel was our first baby. He was very much wanted.


When at first I found out I was pregnant we were very shocked but also very pleased nonetheless. Our families were very understanding and also the same as us , very excited. 
         I had a reasonabley healthy pregnancy , the usual aches and pains.  Mark and I were delighted at our 20 week scan they we were expecting a little boy ! 
         It was when i reached 26 weeks that the problems started to begin. I was admitted into hospital with a very uncomfortable pain under my ribs. Bloods were taken and the doctor suspected that maybe i had suffered placental abruption. I was given a scan , and all was (or so we thought) fine. I was given steriod injections just incase you decided to come early and was kept in over night.
        The following morning i was discharged but unfortunately admitted later on that same evening. This was when i had my blood results back. I was very anaemic so was given iron tablets and again sent home.
        Those next few weeks seemed to revolve around being in and out of hospital.
        We had just about everything we needed for you and so were just anxiously waiting you arrival
        May 27th 2005 :

Nanna Eil , Aunty Claire and Mummy went to Cwmbran to just finish getting things that we needed for you. Mummy had bad back ache that night , so decided to go do bed early and if was still hurting in the morning to go down the hospital to have it checked out. (oh i only wish i went that night
        In the morning (saturday) i was woken by a really dull horrid pain in my lower back and in my stomach , Nanna took me to Prince Charles Hospital but because i wasnt registered to that hospital I was told to go to Nevill Hall and to get checked out there. When we arrived at Nevill Hall they were waiting for us , They put me on CTG monitor took my obs then left the room. Though because of the pain i was in i kept moving and wriggling trying to get comfortable and so lost your heartbeat on the CTG monitor, i rung the m/w to come and find you again. As she was trying to find your heartbeat I could see the look on her face , she got up and went to get a doctor. Moments later the same m/w came in followed by a doctor and a scan machine. I thought this was my chance to see you again. As the doctor moved the scanner over my tummy the imagine on the monitor was very dark ...... The room was very silent we were all just waiting for the doctor to say , ' There's baby's hearbeat ' instead I said to him ..... There's no hearbeat is there ? The doctor just looked at me sadly and put his head to the floor, I'll never forget that poor doctors face ! It was confirmed that Hywel had died , and I was given a pessary to start off labour. I also had morphine to make the labour as pain free as possible. 18 hours after i was given my 1st pessary Hywel was born , 5.10 am. He was perfect , the image of his daddy. He was a whooping 4lb which is a really good weight for gestation of 31 weeks. The only thing that wasnt fair is that he never took a breath and he was taken from us way before we even imagined him to be. We all held him and took precious photo's of him to keep.
        We held his funeral 8 days later and said our final goodbyes on 6th June 2005. His funeral was ther hardest day of my life , and always will be. 
        Mark and I now have a beautiful baby girl together , Tegan Grace. She was born on the 18th May 2006 in the same room as her brother was born in. She was the image of him born , now she is starting to look more like her own person she still has her moments when i look at her and see him shining through. 
        We love him very much and miss him dearly , we tend his grave, i only wish he was here and we didnt have to do it , but thats all we can do for him.
        Thank you for visiting his web page and please feel free to light a candle in memory of him , so i know you have visited and he is in your heart also.    


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Tributes and Condolences
hi little man   / Mammy
Hi my little man .....Mummy just wantd to tell you how much i love and miss you dearly sweetheart. Mummy misses you more and more you every day baby and long to hold you in my arms again. I just wish you were here sweetheart so i could tell you in pe...  Continue >>
A place called heaven   / Amy Lou (baby cousin to an angel )
Hywel,         my mammy told me all about u...She told me that I've got a very special cousin who's an angel. She said that we can't come and visit you yet, as you live in a place called heaven. Apparently, it'...  Continue >>
Missing you.   / Auntie Claire (Auntie)
To my precious nephew, Hywel,                                     ...  Continue >>
thinking of you at christmas xx   / Nicola Hill Mummy To Angel Ryan
Merry Christmas sweetie. Wishing your family a peaceful time. Don't forget to send them angel hugs and special floaty kisses. Much Love Nicola xx (ryansmummy) 
heavens angel   / Donella Beckles (no relation )
Im not very good at this,but id like to say hywel is in heavens garden having fun, playing smiling down at his mom and deepest sympathy goes to hywels parents and other family members , one day you will have him in your arms once again.
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